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EC4337: Account Abstraction

Account abstraction is the way to onboard the next billion users to Ethereum? Great, but how?

The problem is, ERC4337 is not straight forward.

Even for seasoned blockchain developers, its very hard to understand the implementation and its details.

There are a number of services that abstract the complexity away, like stackup and alchemy are offering easy-to-use javascript libraries. However, that is only partly helpful.

If you try to build something for a company, you need to understand the underlaying technology - there's money at risk and you need to know what that risk is.

This guide is going deep into the weeds of erc4337. It is not directed at Ethereum beginners, its definitely advanced - meant for people who are already solidity developers. If you want to get started with Ethereum, you don't need to make my own other tutorials, you could come from any other free or paid course. However, just doin the crypto zombies and then coming here will probably not be enough.

Let me walk you through what we're building:

First, we build a small chat application the normal way. For the contracts we will use a simple contract and test and deploy it using Foundry. For the frontend we'll be building something from scratch using NextJS, Tailwindcss, Rainbowkit with Wagmi and Viem. I intentionally do not want to use HardHat or web3js here, as foundry and is much faster than hardhat and viem is (in my personal opinion) much easier to use than web3js.

Interactive Tutorials

I will try to put most of the things into codesandbox mini containers embedded into this site. If you don't know what they are: It's like SSH'ing into docker container that is spun up just for you while visiting the page. If you don't know what that is, then you are probably not the right audience for this tutorial anyways.

So without further ado, lets dive into what we're building. Here is a Link to the codesandbox

The Result

The final application can be seen here:

The result will be a chat-like application. There will be 4 different functions here to chat:

  1. Through your normal wallet - you connect your wallet and when you send a transaction you pay for it.
  2. Through Stackup. When you send a transaction through an on-chain walletI will use their pay-as-you-go paymaster
  3. Through Candide with a naive Paymaster that simply pays for everything
  4. Through Alchemy Accountkit without any paymaster attached.

What is Account Abstraction?

Alright, let's break it down simply. ERC-4337 is about making Ethereum accounts smarter and easier to use.

In Ethereum, you have two types of accounts:

  • Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs) - These are your regular accounts controlled by private keys. You do something (like send Ether) by signing a transaction with your private key.
  • Contract Accounts - These are controlled by code (smart contracts).

Now, EOAs are limited. You need the private key for every action, and if you lose it, you're out of luck. They can't do anything fancy on their own.

ERC-4337 lets you replace EOAs with smart contract accounts without needing to change the core of Ethereum.

Here's what that enables:

Smart Wallets: You can have a wallet where spending rules, multi-signatures, or daily limits are baked into the code.

Recovery: Lose your key? No problem. The smart contract can have rules to get back control, like verifying your identity in another way.

Sponsored Transactions: Normally, you pay gas for transactions with ETH. With ERC-4337, someone else could pay the gas for you. This is good for dApps wanting to offer free transactions to users.

Batch Transactions: One transaction could trigger multiple actions, saving on fees and making complex operations easier.

ERC-4337 does this through a special contract called "The Entrypoint." This Entrypoint acts like a traffic director. It routes transactions from these smart contract accounts and can handle the gas fees however the account's code specifies.

Let's check out how that works exactly by converting a normal web3 app into an erc4337 app...

Step 1

install foundry init new project Chatter solidity file chatter test chatter script

Step 2: Rainbowallet and layout npm install @rainbow-me/rainbowkit wagmi viem



npm install userop

Last update: January 31, 2024