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Transfer Ether from Account 1 to Account 2

You have two accounts now in MetaMask. You can switch between them. If you followed the previous tutorial, then you already have test-ether in your Account 1. Time to send some Ether from Account 1 to Account 2!

Switch back to Account 1:

  1. Open the MetaMask Extension
  2. Click on the little Account avatar in the top right corner
  3. Switch back to Account 1.

No Ether

If your Account 1 doesn't show any ether at all, run through the previous tutorial first to get some Ether on the Testnet. It doesn't have to be Ropsten, but on some network you need Ether, otherwise you can't complete this tutorial. Previous Tutorial

Click on the Send button:

This will open up the Send-Page. Hit "Transfer Between my Accounts", because we want to transfer here between our Ethereum Accounts we have in MetaMask.

Transfer to other Account

Of course, if you have to transfer Ether to different other Accounts, you can just paste the Ethereum Address into the input field, or even scan a QR code. We do this later on some time. Also feel free to just give it a try yourself. You can, for example, copy and paste your own Ethereum Address and skip the "Transfer between my Accounts" functionality.

Select Account 2:

Ether 0.1 Eth and hit next:

Then have a look at the gas-cost overview. It might look a little bit different for you, but the essence is: You send 0.1 Eth, but it's not entirely for free. In this case the transfer costs (gas costs) amount to 0.000032 Eth:

Then simply hit "confirm". Now we can track the transaction using a Block Explorer. A Block Explorer is a public website that crawls the blockchain for new transactions and show them on a public website. Etherscan is one of many block explorers.

We do this next!

Last update: March 28, 2022