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Your Instructor

Hi, my name is Thomas. I have taught over 100 thousand people about blockchain development and I am the creator of this course - which makes this course #17. The other courses are also about Ethereum, Blockchain development, but also Devops and AWS. I am currently working as CTO for Morpher, have over 20 years of experience as web developer from hands-on to high-level management. With my background, many people think I am super positive about blockchain technologies, and I am going to blast you with overhyped topics in this course, but I am not running the hype train. That might surprise you now, since you are here to eagerly learn solidity and Etheruem blockchain development.

After using Solidity and all kinds of other tech in the sector extensively, I know that blockchain technologies are very powerful, but they come with a lot of trade-offs. They won’t bank all unbanked overnight and we will most likely not run around with 3d goggles and the masses wil not consume a blockchain enabled metaverse in the near future.

What I am trying to teach you here is a set of tools that have proven itself in the real world. I want to give you the skills to succeed in this sector, wether you are just looking to expand your knowledge or completely switch from traditional web development to blockchain development. I will give you an unopinionated snapshot of what is possible with the technologies today and will make sure you fundamentally understand what it's all about. In this course we’re going through a series of projects, from very simple to quite complex, which will showcase a variety of use-cases for blockchain technologies.

It’s a holistic approach to understanding decentralized applications, the tooling and Smart Contracts. That’s enough from my side, let’s dive right into it and I’ll see you in the next lecture!

Last update: September 3, 2022