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Start your first Docker Container

In this lecture you are going to start your first container, step by step. I'll explain all the flags and everything that happens in depth.



docker run -it ubuntu /bin/bash
runs the container and attaches to stdin, the standard input, where the /bin/bash processs is opened
  • Flags:
    • -it: interactive flag

file system from linux

Now open a second terminal/console:

docker ps

Start this from a second terminal which lists the currently running container


Exits the container and the linux file system again

docker ps

Lists the currently running containers, which is empty

docker ps -a

Lists all containers, the running ones and the empty ones

docker start container_identifier

We can restart a container that was previously running

docker ps

The container comes up as running again. Creation date != running date

docker attach container_identifier

We can re-attach to the container

docker stop container_identifier

stop the running container

docker ps
The container is not running anymore

docker ps -a
The container is still in our system

docker rm container_identifier
Clean up: Remove the container
docker ps -a

And the list is empty again

Last update: May 29, 2022