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Target Audience for this Course

One question is: are you the right target audience for the course? What level of knowledge am I assuming in this course? In other words: is this course for you?

Upfront, I can tell you, Solidity is not a language I would suggest to an absolute beginner who never wrote a single line of code. The complexity isn’t so much solidity, its how you interact with smart contracts. You need a fair bit of web development knowledge for that. To outline the ideal student for this course, it is simply a web2 developer. If you have dabbled around in JavaScript before, or you are a pro who developed websites since Netscape Navigator, you will feel right at home in this course. But also if you come from the Enterprise side, Java, C#, .Net, you will find this course the perfect companion to learn web3 development.

The showcase projects we are developing can be uploaded to your github and the token standards we discuss can be mentioned in your CV. So, if you are looking to expand your professional reach or you are looking for a new job, this is something that will bring you a big step forward.

With that being said, who is the course NOT for? It’s not for TWO kinds of people: First, if you are looking for an introductory course about JavaScript and programming. While I try to explain every line of code - if you have never written anything, I do not recommend taking this course. Second, if you are easy to give up. And that has not so much to do with my course materials, but you have to understand that blockchain development and ethereum is in constant change, things still break all the time. There isn’t a cohesive corporate management leading the way - its a decentrally governed set of tools and best practices. If you like a challenge here and there, you’re the perfect student and you will hopefully love this course.

Last update: September 3, 2022