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Try the Smart Contract

Deploy the Smart Contract. Head over to the "Deploy & Run Transactions" Plugin and Deploy it.

  1. Copy your address into the withdraw money field.
  2. Enter a number, like 1000, and
  3. Hit withdrawMoney

You see, the transaction works without any problem. That's not good, because internally nothing happened and the user has the feedback that he just did a withdrawal for 1000 wei. Although nothing happened.

Try yourself first

Before heading to the next page, try yourself first to replace the if/else with a require()

Require is here for user-input validation and if it evaluates to false, it will throw an exception.

For example require(false) or require(1 == 0) will throw an exception. You can optionally add an error message require(false, "Some Error Message")

Last update: March 28, 2022