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Why This Guide Exists

When I started with Blockchain development back in 2016, the landscape for tutorials was very very very scarce. There were many tools, almost all only half-working. And no real guides. There was no Remix, no MetaMask, no Infura, no Truffle, no Academies, no large companies like ConsenSys. No nothing back then. My start was AlethZero. It crashed every few minutes or so and some whacky guides on how to compile Smart Contracts.

And for the entirety of 2016 the price of Ether was between $1 and $7.

AlethZero in Action
AlethZero in Action from this YouTube Video

What I was looking for was a practical guide that takes me through typical steps as a Smart Contract and DApp developer. Something that takes me through the pitfalls. Something I can relate to as a developer.

I created 15 video courses on Blockchain Development and many more in the making.

When you're a traditional (web-)dev, then it's quite a bit of new material to learn and dig through. The traditional trust-model changed: the underlaying flow of registration/authentication is almost reversed. Tools are different. Language is different. Boundaries of what's possible are narrower. The business goals may be the same, but the way to reach them is skewed, for the lack of a better word.

And this guide shall be your new best friend.

Last update: September 4, 2022