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Deploy Smart Contract

Now it's time to deploy our Smart Contract. We will do this to a real blockchain. In the previous video we got our first Ether on a Test-Network. We will use them now to deploy the smart contract.

Connect MetaMask to Remix

Switch over to the "Deploy & Run Transactions" Plugin. We need to configure it, so it uses our MetaMask Wallet to access the Blockchain.

As soon as you do this, MetaMask should pop up and ask you to connect your account to Remix.

Click "Next" and the "Connect":

Now your account should pop-up in the dropdown under the Environment Selection:

Account not showing up?

If your account doesn't show up, or MetaMask doesn't pop up, try to reload the page. There are sometimes caching issues.

Deploy the Smart Contract

Let's deploy the Smart Contract now. First, make sure the correct Smart Contract is selected in the Dropdown:

Then simply hit "Deploy":

This should trigger MetaMask to ask you if you really want to send this transaction. Make sure the GΓΆrli Test-Network is selected and then simply hit "Confirm". If you selected the wrong network, then cancel the transaction, switch the network in MetaMask and hit "Deploy" again.

Perfect, now the transaction is on the way of getting mined. In the next section we will follow the transaction and interact with our smart contract!

Last update: March 28, 2022