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Upgrade Smart Contract and Smart Contract Proxies

This is the lab you've been looking for if you want a tutorial style guide for Smart Contract Upgrades and Proxy Patterns. That is the thing where storage and/or Smart Contract addresses don't change. You only change the logic of the contract itself.

Real-World Use-Case for this Project

♻️ Iteratively Release new Features

✨ Understand the possibilities for Bug-Fixing

👍 Pick the right Architecture for your Project

🙅‍♂️ Avoid Scammers

🔍 Make Auditors life easier


💣 Understand Storage Collisions

🤔 Deep Dive Into Storage Patterns

😎 Understand All Standards for Proxies

🤓 Understand the CREATE2 Op-Code

What's in it for you?

At the end of this I want you to know really all about upgradeable Smart Contracts as of Q1/2021.

First I want to discuss the different standards. Then I want to do a hands-on deep-dive into OpenZeppelin OS with the Proxy pattern. Lastly I want to discuss Metamorphosis Smart Contracts which can be re-deployed to the same address using CREATE2.

Let's do this!

Last update: March 28, 2022