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MASSIVE Section! But you made it through. You made it to the end of this years course and you should be ready to read, write, understand, architect also complex smart contracts at this point.

If you are looking for something more challenging - try proxy contracts! I have a full walk-through in the mini-course section and its definitely worth your time if you like a challenge.

Thanks so much for watching.

Also, I promised you a representative Readme, so, here's a quick template you could add to your repository:

# NFT Project

In this project we create and deploy an NFT with three different Frameworks:

* Truffle
* Hardhat
* Foundry

For each we showcase how to write a unit-test and how to deploy the contracts using the Framework scripting functionality.

## Authors

- [@tomw1808](
- [Ethereum Blockchain Developer](https://ethereum-blockchain-developer)

## Features

- Truffle: OpenZeppelin NPM, Unit Testing with Ganache and Console.log and Migrations
- Hardhat: OpenZeppelin NPM, Unit Testing with Console Log with Hardhat Node and a deploy Script
- Foundry: OpenZeppelin Git Submodule, Forge Unit Testing, Forge Scripting

Last update: July 27, 2023