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Project: Smart Deposit & Withdrawals

Have you ever wondered how these fancy defi projects work? Where you apparently can send money around, like adding code to a bank account? It's time to introduce just that. It's time that we see how a real blockchain feels like when being utilized by us as blockchain developers. In this project we are creating a smart contract that can manage its own funds. You will learn about sending Funds from A Wallet vs sending funds through a Smart Contract. We are also installing MetaMask and getting some test network ether through a faucet. Again, I'll introduce all the theory you need to complete the project at the end. Then it's up to you if you want to challenge yourself to finish it or not.


πŸ’‘ See yourself how Smart Contracts are managing funds

πŸ’‘ Understand the composability features better

🦊 Use MetaMask and get some Ether for a real blockchain

πŸ“² Understand the payable modifier in Solidity

Video Introduction

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Last update: September 3, 2022