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Project: Smart Deposit & Withdrawals

Have you ever wondered how these fancy defi projects work? Where you apparently can send money around, like adding code to a bank account? It's time to introduce just that. It's time that we see how a real blockchain feels like when being utilized by us as blockchain developers. In this project we are creating a smart contract that can manage its own funds. You will learn about sending Funds from A Wallet vs sending funds through a Smart Contract. We are also installing MetaMask and getting some test network ether through a faucet. Again, I'll introduce all the theory you need to complete the project at the end. Then it's up to you if you want to challenge yourself to finish it or not.


💡 See yourself how Smart Contracts are managing funds

💡 Understand the composability features better

🦊 Use MetaMask and get some Ether for a real blockchain

📲 Understand the payable modifier in Solidity

Video Introduction

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Last update: September 3, 2022