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Track the Transaction using Etherscan

Now your MetaMask probably looks like this:

or, if the transaction already successfully mined, like this:

If you click on the entry (you might need to scroll down a bit), then you can open up a little modal window:

There are a few things you can see:

  1. The Nonce. The Nonce is an ever increasing number on Ethereum that depicts how many transactions were sent from this account. Nonce 0 = First transaction πŸ‘.
  2. Amount: We sent 0.1 Eth away
  3. Gas: Simple transactions need 21000 gas (the gas stipend). More on that a little later, don't worry for now.
  4. Base Fee and Priority Fee (Tip): We need to pay for gas with Eth. Its like using Water or Electricity and you need cash to pay for it. We're covering it later as well.
  5. Total: The total amount we paid for it.

Basefee and Tip

Since EIP-1559 we don't just do gas anymore, its broken down into a basefee that gets burned and a tip that goes to miners. It's still very similar to the previous gas auctions, just not everything goes to miners. More on that later as well.

But there is still some information missing. Like e.g. the block number or other transactions that were included in the block. That's something that block explorers can tell us! If you open up the link to Etherscan you can directly go to the transaction:

If you just want to see my transaction, you can click here:

You can also click on the little "Click here to see more" link:

You see all the information about the transaction, including in which block it was included and many more things we cover later in the course.

Last update: March 28, 2022